Friday, May 27, 2016

New Lab Members To Do List

New Sketch Recognition Lab Members To Do List

So you have joined the lab, what now? How to get integrated?

Come to the lab meetings
This is crucial. Lab meetings are weekly. The time and place changes each semester. Check on the main SRL website for where they are currently.

Fill out your weekly lab accomplishment slide
Everyone presents for 1-5 minutes about what they are working on (past and future). These are presented through a google drive slideshow. Ask someone for access, then make a slide. Your first slide should introduce yourself and state your interests.

Get a key to the lab
To get a key to the lab, you should email Bruce Veals and request a key. You need to cc Dr. Hammond will then approve the request over email.

Get a desk
Walk around the lab and ask the students which desk are free. Find one that suits you. Many people choose to use their personal laptop to work. There are some machines in the lab for use. There are also some machines that may be able to be borrowed from helpdesk.

Get on the SRL website
Email Anna a picture of yourself, as well as information about your major, name, status, year, and where you came from.

Join the SRL email list
Email srl at tamu dot edu and ask to be added to the srl email list. Please make sure to include detailed information about who you are so that it is not mistaken for spam.

Complete the CITI Training

Create a Weekly Reading Blog
You should be reading at least one paper weekly about your research and outlining what you learned about it. This serves as an excellent resource for when you create your thesis.

Create a Weekly Writing Blog
Every week you should be writing about your research progress and your new ideas.

Start a BibTex file to List your papers
You should add every paper you read to a bibtex file that you can later use in your thesis.

Start Your Thesis
Yup, I said that. You should get the template for your undergraduate or graduate thesis or dissertation (or final REU paper) and get it working in latex this week. This way you can slowly add information to your thesis all along the way, and slowly learn latex in the process.

Start Your Related Work Section
Every time you read a paper put a sentence or two in your thesis related work section detailing how you think it is relevant to your work. This is a one sentence version of your blog. Pretty soon, you will have many papers, and a bunch of content for your related work section.

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