Friday, May 27, 2016

CITI Lab Training Info


As a member of the Sketch Recognition Lab or a student in Dr. Hammond's course, you are required to finish two training modules provided online by the CITI Program:
  • Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Group 2.Social and Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel
By completing this training, you will be able to submit an IRB form that will allow you to collect data for your course project.  It should also be helpful to your general research work outside of this class.

To do the training, please follow the instructions in the link below:

Everything you need to know should be provided on that page, but the gist is that you should register with CITI Program under Texas A&M University.  From there, select the modules you need to complete (RCR and Group 2) and go to your courses to begin.  There will be several sections and quizzes after each section.  More details will be provided on the CITI page, and the training should take a couple hours on average.

Obtaining Credit
Once you have completed both modules, download a PDF certificate by going to "Print Report".  Send this certificate 
  • if in a class: to the course TA, whose email address is given on the course syllabus
  • to the person specified in REU guidelines
  • or to Anna, if for research in the lab.
Common Problems
About a third of people don't complete the Group 2 training as well. Make sure you complete Group 2.

"What if I have already done this?"
If you have already completed CITI training, just log in and print out your certificate. It is good for 4 years. The print out will list when it expires. If it has expired, then you only need to do the "Refresher Course" which is much shorter and only takes about a half hour.

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